• BG Gheorghiţă Vlad takes command of the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica”
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Combat Medics in CILFT
  • CILFT visits Air Dominance Center, Georgia, USA



Increase training quality and evaluate the training status for the military personnel participating to individual missions abroad and for units up to brigade level, using real, constructive, virtual and integrated simulation and the existent capabilities and facilities in order to create an operational environment close to the realities of the modern battlefield.




First historical mention of this region for the Romanian Armed Forces was during the First World War, when the logs kept the brave battles conducted by the Romanian 6th Infantry Division, led by General Nicolae Arghirescu against German 89th Infantry Division led by General von Ludwitz. In September 1916, fallowing a bloody clash, the German offensive has been stopped. As a proof of these events, the place called now Crucea Nord Cincu is the holder of a small monument and a cemetery where lay together soldiers from both sides.

At 2nd of July 1919, the Romanian military documents first mentioned Cincu Mare Regional Camp, as a part of 7th Army Corps.

In 1940, Cincu Mare Regional Camp, by the order of Engineers Division of the Army falls under Infantry Training Center Fagaras.1940-1941 – Infantry Training Center Fagaras, in accordance with a bilateral agreement between Romania and Germany, runs a Training Center in a Romanian German partnership which used Cincu Mare Camp for life fire exercises with anti-tank gun and infantry weapons.

At 04th of December 1953 – in accordance with High Headquarters order was established Central Artillery Range Cincu under Artillery Headquarter.

At 19th  of March 1960 – the range, by the order of High Headquarters falls under 3rd Army and later, in 2000, under 4th Army „TRANSILVANIA”.


At 1st of October 2007, by the order of General Headquarter of Romanian Armed Forces, Firing Range Cincu falls under Land Forces Headquarters and is transformed in Land Forces Combat Training Center, intended to be the spearhead of the Land Forces in training and exercises. In 2008, the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center receives its honorific name „GETICA”.