• BG Gheorghiţă Vlad takes command of the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica”
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Combat Medics in CILFT
  • CILFT visits Air Dominance Center, Georgia, USA



COL Ilie BACIU began his military career as a Field Artillery Platoon leader at FA Battalion /8th FA Brigade after graduating the Artillery Military School „Ioan Vodă” in 1984.

After attending Battery Captain’s Career Course, he was appointed Battery commander at a FA Battalion from 282nd Mechanized Regiment. Following his first battery command, he served as Chief of Intelligence at 61st Mountain Brigade and Chief of Staff at FA Battalion at the same Brigade. Following that, he served as a Field Artillery Battalion Commander. Further on, he was assigned Chief of Operations at the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “GETICA”.

He continued his military career as Chief of Staff at the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “GETICA” and beginning with 2010, he is the Deputy Commander of the RLF CTC.

COL BACIU served as Liaison officer for ministers, CMO at the Multinational Headquarter in Bagdad, Iraq.

               COL BACIU’s military schooling includes Command and Staff Course and Army Brigade Course at the National Defense University, English Course, International Staff Officer Orientation Course at the National Defense College in Netherlands, Senior Command Course at the Land Forces Command Academy in Nanjing, China, NATO Orientation Course and Peace Support Operations Course at NATO School from Oberammergau, Germany. He graduated also the Strategic Command Post University Course at National Defense University “Carol I” in Bucharest.