• BG Gheorghiţă Vlad takes command of the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica”
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Combat Medics in CILFT
  • CILFT visits Air Dominance Center, Georgia, USA



COL Gabriel CHILĂU began his military career as Platoon Leader at 40th Mechanized Regiment after graduating Armored Military School in 1986.

After attending the Armor Captain’s Career Course, he was appointed Company commander at the 40thMechanized Regiment.He continued his command career as a Students Company Commander at the Armored Military School.Tactical assignments include diverse staff officer positions at 6th Armored Brigade, Armored Training Center and Romanian Land Forces Stafflevels.

He returns in Command in 2006 as the Battalion Commander.  

He continued his military career as Chief of Operations at the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “GETICA” and beginning with 2010, he is the Chief of Staff of the RLF CTC.

COL CHILĂU served as DCOM for Task Force Zabul in Afghanistan in 2009.

His military schooling includes Staff Officers Course, Command and Staff Faculty at National Defense University “Carol I”, English Course, Counterinsurgency Course held in Kabul, Afghanistan and Land Forces Command Post University Course.

               Among Colonel CHILĂU’s significant awards and decorations include United States Army Commendation Medal, General Staff Medal of Honour, and Land Forces Medal of Honour.