• BG Gheorghiţă Vlad takes command of the Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica”
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Combat Medics in CILFT
  • CILFT visits Air Dominance Center, Georgia, USA
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3)/Combat Medicin CILFT

This week, Romanian Land Forces Combat Training Center „GETICA” hosts the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3)/Combat Medic course. The training activity is planned, organized and conducted by our colleagues from Medical Training Group partnered by the Romanian Land Forces medical personnel.
The Romanian team is augmented with US Army / Alabama National Guard medical soldiers facilitating the medical training.
The activity novelty is given by its multinational environment when it comes of trainers, the high level of applicability of the knowledge acquired during the course, as well as the diversity of the training domains: Tactical Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Evacuation Care, MEDEVAC.
The course is divided in theoretical and practical parts, and will conclude with a Field Training Exercise combining the tactical and medical knowledge acquired during the training.
The students completing the course will be certified by Romanian Land Forces in TC3/CM training.




The medicine applied to the military operations’ complex environment presents particularities which makes it different from the civilian medicine.


Within the theatre of operations the majority of patients is young and suffers from traumatic injuries or life threatening medical emergencies which require medical procedures of evacuation from the battlefield, procedures which need to be integrated in the military structure’s procedures. Therefore, these particularities are distinguishing military medicine from civilian medicine.


The rescuers and casualty‘s safety has a different meaning on the battlefield. When and how the medical assistance is being provided is standardized in each structure, according to the mission and the operational environment, in order to save as many casualties as possible with as few medical supplies as possible, jeopardizing as less rescuers as possible and, at the same time, trying to accomplish the mission.


The enemy, the extreme weather conditions, the terrain, the mental and physical fatigue, the limited medical supplies, the means of evacuation are challenges that the medical personnel is facing in the special mission of increasing the survival chances of the soldiers from the battlefield. In order to face these challenges and save as many lives as possible, the medical military personnel needs to benefit from a special, both medical and military training, proper operating procedures, special medical assets, needs to be physically and mentally fit, needs to be motivated to help unconditionally, needs to be respected by the colleagues and perfectly integrated within the structure belonging to.


The combat life saver (CLS) on the battlefield has two concerns: the first is the fear of being unable to save the life of his wounded fellows and only the second one is the fear of death. Modern armies are preparing their medical personnel in special training centers so they may save all the wounded soldiers who can be saved, thus, every soldier to benefit from the best medical assistance on the battlefield.


The Romanian Army will benefit from such a training facility through the initiative of Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica” regarding this aspect.


Train as you fight!





Author: LTC Aron Daniel – Chief medic at Land Forces Combat Training Center “Getica”.